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Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Grand Opening Celebration for Gardenology Newport Beach is coming up soon (Sept. 16)!
Right now the store looks so fantastic .. all of the beautiful furniture thoughtfully arranged, decorative accessories painstakingly placed to perfection, the bed ... luxuriuosly, invitingly rumpled.
It didn't always look this great, though.
So we thought you might enjoy seeing the before and after pictures of the transformation.
  It was a labor of love for several months. We took over the space at 1701 Westcliff Drive that Les Interieurs occupied for years.
Owner Lili McIntire says this space just spoke to her... the layout, the multiple courtyards and big, sunny windows. It was perfect for her purpose.
 We made significant changes to the space to tailor it to our needs. First, our wonderful contractor, Jamie Acetta, gutted it nearly completely, taking out the bathroom, most of the interior walls, the ceiling, an old kitchen and the carpet.
The concrete floor was then scraped, washed and sealed.
After the girls finished the floor, they had a little fun in the parking lot!
Our contractor also built this beautiful custom cabinet for our cashwrap area.
 There was some pretty heavy lifting involved, too.
 A crane was required to lift our custom concrete countertop onto a cart and then wheeled inside. It took several men to install.
 We finished the cabinet with wood corbels, which Meredith stained.
Voila! Beautiful!
After all of the construction and painting was done, it was time to fill our new space with furniture, flowers and accessories.. 
It took about 2 weeks to get the store ready for customers. We flung open our doors on May 28, 2010 without a working credit card machine and skeleton crew. It wasn't perfect, but it sure was fun!
We are so grateful for the wonderful reception we have received in Newport Beach! And we're glad we made the move to expand. We love Gardenology and are so glad you do too!
 We hope you'll join us for the Grand Opening Celebration Thursday September 16, 530-8pm.