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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Money-Saving Green Tips

   Want to save money in these tight times? Stop buying cheap furniture that you’ll have to replace every few years!
    Buying furniture and home accessories that will last a lifetime will actually save you money in the long run. It's also more environmentally friendly because of the manufacturing energy and trucking pollution it takes to make and move these items.  
   That’s where Gardenology comes in. We carry quality items that you will love and want to keep forever, because they will last that long.
   Some suggestions: our zinc-topped tables. They are virtually indestructible and are super versatile. They look great indoors and out, and are kid-friendly. These metal-topped tables only look better with age.

Another great money-saving idea is slipcovered furniture. We carry several lines that are all made right here in southern California, so a pollution-spewing truck or boat isn't traveling thousands of miles to get your furniture to you. Slipcovers are also great, because you can easily machine wash them or have new ones made when you want a new look.

Are you tired of buying plants only to throw them out in a few weeks because you forgot to water them? Then choose our ever-lasting botanicals. Check out our back wall - blooming with inspiration to help you create an arrangement that will look good forever, that you’ll never have to remember to water.

Vintage or reclaimed pieces are also a great way to create a beautiful and environmentally responsible home – re-using at its best! Many of our pieces are created from reclaimed wood and have beautiful character. We also have numerous one-of-a-kind vintage décor pieces that you definitely won’t see in your neighbor's house.

   Need some inspiration? We have a full design services to help you make those important decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our talented interior designer can do everything from offer a few tips on pulling your room together or she can create a gorgeous room for you from scratch.
   We believe that the importance of a beautiful home shouldn’t be forgotten in this economic climate. And if you’re helping the planet while you do it – even better.

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